For this new edition of 2011, the Dakhla Festival wanted to underline once again the importance of the feminine social movement in the world with the “Ladies Corner”. This is an original meeting mixing together water sports women champions, African women artists and Sahraouian women of Dakhla, in a sharing and discovery atmosphere. Different universes run along during a festival time, to get to know each other and open ourselves to the world… The Dakhla women’s at the heart of the event The Ladies Corner was created with the participation of different feminine associations of Dakhla that are working hard to improve the social and economical status of the women in this region of Southern Sahara. It is a real opportunity for them to share their ideas and vision of the world with other women from all over the world to learn, hand traditions down, communicate, and imagine differently… Water sports women champions in action As women’s model of dynamism and success, our water sports women stars are the driving force of this incredible meeting. When launching the project, Marion Raïsi, Speed Windurfing Vice World Champion, was completely stoke as she first discovered within the Sahraouian culture the importance women have in that community. In fact, the whole family organization is built around the Sahraouian woman who is then highly esteemed by her relatives. She is a very independent women, open minded, who developed for ages a strong sense of freedom that has been – and still is - culturally expressed through different forms of art such as oral literature, singing, music, poetry, painting… On the menu: water sports initiations, discovering of the Sahraouian culture and Hassani traditions, art and sport working groups, round tables. Charlotte Consorti | Kitesurf | France
Speed Sailing World Record Woman
I've discovered speed sailing in 2003 and immediately loved it! It has now become a real passion and a quest for new record. I usualy train in the south of France where I search the perfect spot with the right wind along the mediterranean coast.

Sarah Hébert| Windsurf | New Caledonia
5th PWA Slalom 2010 and World ranked 3rd in 2009
Sarah spent her first 12 years around the world on a sailing boat with his family. She now continues to travel the globe to take part on international windsurfing competitions and plans to cross the Atlantic Ocean with her windsurf equipment.

Sjoukje Bredenkamp| Kitesurf | South Africa
Vice recordwoman world speed sailing
Sjoukje [Chokia] is simply one of the fastest women on the water with her kite! Born in South Africa, she now travels the world to conquer podiums and discover new horizons and cultures.

Fabienne d'Ortoli
| Kitesurf | France
Several times World Champion
Double world champion in Kitesurfing, this French women rider plays today at the highest level of international kitesurfing. Establishing new records or discovering unusual places, Fabienne fully lives hes passion and is always looking to share it with others.

Sarah Burel| Surf | France
Several times French and European champion in tandem surfing with her partner Rico Leroy The year 2011 sees a great start for Sarah and Nico, with a beautiful goal in mind: to finally win the world champion title. Meanwhile, the two champions still imagine many years traveling the world and enjoy their passion with much pleasure.

Marion Raïsi | Windsurf | France
Speed Vice World Champion 2009
At the initiative of the meeting "Women from here and there" (“Femmes d’ici et d’ailleurs”) at the Dakhla Festival, Marion is also a windsurfing champion. She felt in love with the Saharawi culture as she came to Dakhla for sailing and then has developed an unlikely sharing experience between water sports women stars invited by the festival and the Saharawi women of Dakhla.
- - - - - - - - - - - - Women's meeting, is a real bridge across cultures and countries. Dakhla opens its doors to women's of the world and to exchange of cultures, traditions and way of living. - - - - - - - - - - - - Surf Workshop Yooung Sahraoui girls
Sjouke Bredenkamp
Kitesurf Champion