Musiques The party Celebrations will stick to ancestral traditions of the nomad’s sleep out evenings, the Dakhla Festival embodies this traditional atmosphere in a modern and urban version. Prestigious artists from the international, national and local music scene will make Dakhla people and guests thrill during four intense musical evenings Program Young local music bands
Selmou (Maroc)
Fouinina (Morocco)
Younes (Morocco)
Abdelwahab Doukkali (Morocco)
Chiek Ould Labiad (Mauritania)
Yvan Le Bolloc’h et ma guitare s’appelle Reviens (France)
Rouicha (Morocco)
Group Doueh welcomes Oum (Morocco)
Mazagan (Morocco)
Johnny clegg (South Africa)
Melhem zein (Lebanon)
Zghailina welcomes Daby Touré & Abdallah Oumbadougoué (Morocco, Mauritania, Nigeria)
Haoussa (Morocco)
Alpha Blondy
(Ivory Coast)
Stati (Morocco)
The show will be on during concerts and after shows, in town or facing the sea, fired by national and international big times of world music Artists Collaboration "Residency" The Dakhla bay, with its sublime landscapes and its atmosphere out of time, encourage creation and exchange. We will assist to a real alchemy between the different musical influences and the Hassani traditional music, in a dream setting.

In the setting of these two artists in residence, a collective research will confront different sensitiveness and draw music influences from local resources.

They will achieve an original creation that will be discovered during the Festival:
Saturday : Doueh welcomes Oum
Sunday : Zghailina welcomes Daby Touré & Abdallah Oumbadougoué
- - - - - - - - - - - - Dakhla Project: The 2011 artists residency will have to put the Hassani traditional music in light at an international level while demonstrating its huge capacity of development in terms of sharing and exchange. - - - - - - - - - - - -