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Dakhla, with its open bay on the Atlantic Ocean has become, in a few years, one of the most famous water sports places in the world. Amateur and professional riders now regularly come to Dakhla to take advantage of its amazing waveriding spot « Foum Labouir » and its huge lagoon. Windsurf and kitesurf stars will be in Dakhla to take part in this amazing contest : the Dakhla long distance race, with its famous 60 kilometers course from the north to the south of the lagoon. The best windsurfers and kitesurfers in the world are invited to race and challenge each others on the water : who will be the fastest, windsurf or kitesurf?! The race direction will be managed by Phillipe Bru, the famous organizer of the Defi Wind in Gruissan (which actually is the biggest windsurfing event in the world) promising us a great show!- - - - - - - - - - - - Dakhla organizes the longest long distance race ever, mixing amateurs and high level athletes. Various water sports competitions will go on with the final nomination of the Waterman of Dakhla 2011. - - - - - - - - - - - - Foum Labouir waves The famous wave will welcome once again the best Moroccan surfers and the greatest names of international longboard and shortboard surfing for an ambitious contest mixing together young guns and professionals. On-site some windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddling contests will be organized and our water sports stars will show up to the public during water sports action shows, interviews and signing sessions. Professional riders will be able to share their passion with the young people of Dakhla through various windsurf, kitesurf and stand up paddle working groups initiated by the Festival.

To end on a high note, professional riders will give us the best of themselves during a unique stand up paddle contest by team that will allow the more talented riders to be crowned as « Waterman of Dakhla 2011 » !
The Foum Labouir wave Dakhla speed crossing Boujmaa Guilloul The stars WINDSURF // Kevin Pritchard, Tine Slabe, Julien Taboulet, Boujmaa Guilloul, Tine Slabe, Ruben Petrisie, Diony Guadagnino, Bieuzy Mauffret, Dario Ojeda…

KITESURF // Alex Caizergues, Bruno Sroka, Florian Daubos…

SURF // Rico Leroy & Sarah Burel, Harley Ingleby, Colin Mc Philipps, Damien Castera, Alex Deniel, Clément Le Ray, Ben Skinner…
Kevin Pritchard | Windsurf | Hawaii
Multiple world champion, Kevin is a high level windsurfer performing internationally in waves and in slalom. After more than 15 years spent traveling around the globe in search of new titles, he now takes his "retirement" and continues to live his passion worldwide.

Diony Guadagnino | Windsurf | Venezuela
Diony is an experienced professional rider, who grew up on the beach of El Yaque in Margarita. He now lives an exciting life and is constantly exploring new cultures around the world.

Julien Taboulet | Windsurf | France
Extreme rider, Julien aka "Wesh" rides the biggest waves on the globe and is positioned as a favorite on international wave competitions. Passionate about sports, he recently created his "Wesh Crew Center" in Leucate with his girlfriend to share their dream with young riders.

Boujmaa Guilloul | Windsurf | Morocco
Born in Essaouira, Boujmaa is simply the best Moroccan windsurfer, he consistently reaches the top 10 on the Waveriding World Tour. He is a professional windsurfer and travels around the world to compete or to attend at various international events.

Alex Caizergues
| Kitesurf | France
Vice world record holder for speed sailing, Alex is still looking for the perfect spot to dethrone his rival Rob Douglas and become the world’s fastest man on water.

Bruno Sroka | Kitesurf | France
World Kitesurf champion, Bruno was the first man to cross the Cape Horn on a kitesurf whereas many experienced sailors have endured hard times in this particular area. Bruno Sroka love this idea of the impossible and doing what has never been done. His quest is not over and various challenge awaits him!

Harley Ingleby
| Surf | Australia
Longboard prodigy, he won the ASP World Champion title at 25 years. He comes in Dakhla for the second time, to be part of this meeting of boardsports and become the « Waterman of Dakhla ».

Colin Mc Philipps
| Surf | USA California
This professional surfer gave life to a new style of longboard surfing, more radical and rhythmic. Several times Champion of the USA, he continues to travel with his surfboard under his arm to discover new horizons.

Ben Skinner
| Surf | UK
If the English rider is as comfortable on a shortboard or a longboard as he surfs since the age of 3, it is on a longboard that he was crowned European Champion recently. Let’s see what he will be able of on Foum Labouir’s wave!